Arran Gems by Assja B.

Already as a child I was fascinated by the shapes, patterns, textures and colours of the world around me. The Isle of Arran finally managed to unite my artistic search with my deep interest in history, although it took me almost two decades to find my unique way of expression.

Shape, texture and patterns are the basis of my metalwork. I love to work in silver and copper. The inspiration for my work can come from basalt rock formations, the bark patterns of a birch tree or the way old black houses were built. Since I have always admired the skills of our ancestors hundreds and even thousands of years back in history, I decided for myself to use as few machines as possible to produce and finish my metal jewellery. Therefore, all I have on my workbench are a blow torch, hammers (a lot of them!), saws, files and a small hand held rotary drill which is mainly used to drill holes. I enjoy feeling how the metal changes when I treat it with fire and water, seeing it transform under my blowing hammer and taking on its final look while I file at it for hours and polish it with sanding paper. For me it is an almost archaic experience which brings to life the old myths in which whole worlds would be forged by fire and water and then shaped into being.

I still love to play with colours too. My range of fashion jewellery lives of vibrant beads and is based on colourful moments in my life. The inspiration for it comes from the nature around me and from years of travelling to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Last but certainly not least, I love to play with things that can have a second life by reshaping them into a new meaning: sea glass and ceramic shards from Arran's and Scotland's beaches, pebbles and rocks on the shore, copper cables and tubes that have been discarded by electricians and plumbers and other finds that can be turned into jewellery. And no, I don't have any inhibitions to mix thrift with sterling silver either.

You can find my work at Pooch Boutique in Cladach (Brodick) on the Isle of Arran and visit me there in my studio. If you like to know what I'm up to, please, visit my facebook page.

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Shop in Cladach (Brodick), Isle of Arran: Pooch Boutique & Art Studio

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