MoNkARoCkS is a small family-run cottage industry based on the Black Isle deep in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

The MoNkARoCkS custom made tee shirt range offers beautifully handcrafted black tee shirts with a tartan twist. You can choose fom the many existing designs or indulge yourself in a custom-made tee shirt by contacting me directly at with your ideas.

MoNkARoCkS offers more than just tee shirts. We can also provide you with customised shirts, stagewear apparel, hoodies, beanie hats, cushion covers, messenger bags, record bags, record slipmats, wallets, and many more products. Dinnae be shy now. Just ask.

Born in Leith and raised in Dalkeith, I have always had an active interest in all things Scottish and tartan in particular. Growing up in a mining community during the strike of 1984 left me with a strong sense of social justice. The lyrics of Stuart Adamson from Big Country also greatly influenced me and instilled the idea of putting a contemporary twist on all things Scottish.

MoNkARoCkS is all about designing and producing great quality and at times cheeky wee tee shirts with a tantalising tartan twist.

MoNkARoCkS also designs and produces great quality tee shirts for small businesses and bands at fantastic rates. Small runs are very welcome and again, please feel free to contact me directly at for more info.

***Please note that by purchasing from MoNkARoCKS you are helping a wee family put food on the table and make ends meet and for that we are truly thankful***

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Fabby doo! We love the Tee shirt. The quality is good and the design is lovely. The service was excellent too. Happy customer!


The tee arrived very swiftly, and it’s so comfy it has become my favourite already!


Everything was fine and the service was first class