Red Squirrel Crafts

I design crocheted jewellery, crafting organic shapes with natural materials. I create crocheted motifs in cotton thread, combining them with gemstones and sterling silver.

My jewellery evokes a sense of wilderness, connecting the wearer to the earth. Inspiration comes from the natural beauty around me in beautiful Galloway Forest Park, and the cycle of the seasons. I am also fascinated by symmetrical patterns found in nature - circles, spirals, webs - and enjoy incorporating these into my work.

I enjoy experimenting with innovative forms of crochet to create new designs; and combining crochet with other elements, such as creating a web of thread within a silver hoop.

I delight in working with bright, vibrant colours and combining shades to create striking pieces. I work across a huge colour palette and often use two threads together, giving almost infinite colour possibilities.

As a proud "adopted Scot" I'm passionate about working towards a better Scotland, and I've been a supporter of the Common Weal ever since it arrived in 2014. So I'm absolutely delighted to be involved with the Common Market.

Beth Currie (AKA Red Squirrel Crafts)

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My wife loved the pendant. Thanks for such wonderful service


Sorry for not confirming this more quickly - but we're really happy with the bracelet.


Quick delivery and my wife loved it!