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Common Market is an online marketplace for local manufacturers, producers and independent retailers based in Scotland.  It is a not-for-profit trading arm of Common Weal Ltd to help further meet our aim of social and economic equality within Scotland.  The online marketplace boosts and promotes local and independent manufacture, while also demonstrating that alternative and sustainable retail models can exist and thrive to boost local community economies.

With Common Market, we are trying to boost Scottish businesses and producers by providing them access to a market that, up until now, was under-served.  We have identified that individuals in Scotland wish to purchase products from local businesses, producers and manufacturers but have no single access point to the wide variety of products available.  Common Market provides a platform for these products.

Products listed are sold through Common Market by independent, Scottish producers and manufacturers;  these products are either produced, designed or upcycled in Scotland.

From Robin McAlpine, Director of Common Weal:

"One important contribution to a fairer Scottish economy is to shop local, shop ethical and shop independent. And that’s why Common Weal is about to launch a pilot version of Common Market, an online marketplace for independent Scottish producers.

"The reason why shopping for things produced locally helps is because the real economic value in a product comes from the act of making it. If something is made in Scotland then the skills needed are rewarded here with higher pay.

"The reason is because independent companies owned in Scotland are much more likely to buy goods and services from other Scottish companies and to spend the profits in Scotland.

"And of course Scottish companies live by rules on workers’ rights, health and safety, and environmental protection – and they pay their taxes.

"At the moment most of us buy presents made in countries that have none of those protections."

This start-up version of the marketplace is owned and operated by Common Weal Ltd:

Common Weal, 111 Union Street, Glasgow, G1 3TA.

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